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Alchemy Grow Systems
Growing The Future

8 plant NFT

Alchemy Grow Systems
8 plant Drip System
Alchemy Grow Systems takes pride in producing quality grow systems for affordable prices. Get ready for your winter grow with these 8 plant Drip systems. They work by drawing water from a nutrient reservoir and transferring to your plants root system. Start with clones or seeds and watch your plants thrive. Alchemy Grow Systems all come with customizable timers that can be set depending on your plants watering needs.  Alchemy systems are are reliable and easy to use, just plug in and your ready to grow. 
1 grow tray with fit with drain filters
1 water delivery system. 
15 Gallon Nutrient Reservoir
(8) 1.5''x1.5'' rockwool cubes 
Hydroton expanded clay (IS NOT INCLUDED) Due to the Weight and Quantity this item it is not included. 
120 gph pump
Pump Timer
Air Pump
Air tubing
Air stone
Full Instruction Guide

PriceĀ  $ 120.00
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Hydroponic Drip
NFT( Nutrient Film Technology)
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