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Aeroponic (2)
 Aeroponic grow systems involve starting your plants from seeds or clones. The roots hang inside an inclosed grow chamber where they are sprayed with a nutrient solution depending on your plants watering preferences. Aeroponics provides fast growth and an increased yield. 
NFT( Nutrient Film Technology) (2)
 Nutrient Film Technology is a method of hydroponic growing where the plants roots are placed in grow chambers or grow beds. The nutrient water is delivered to they plants roots depending on their watering needs. Each Alchemy Grow System comes with a timer that can be set to match specific plant needs.
DWC ( Deep Water Culture) (2)

 Deep Water Culture involves soaking the plants roots in a nutrient solution. The water solution must be constantly oxygenated to promote vigorous root growth.  

Hydroponic Drip (2)
 Drip systems are a simple and easy to use method of hydroponics. They involve little maintenance and provide great results. The plants root systems are fed with a water feed that can be adjusted depending on your plants watering prefrence. 
All Grow Systems (6)
 This category contains all of our grow systems.
Fogponics (1)

Fogponics uses ultrasonic technology to produce the perfect conditions for your germinating seeds or cutting to be cloned.

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