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Aeroponic Aeroponics is an extremely efficient way to grow your plants. Plants are proven to grow faster and produce better results. Start with clones or seeds.
Hydroponic Drip  Hydroponic drip is similar to NFT hydroponics. Drip delivers water directly to the plant root zone via water tubing. We currently feature an 8 plant drip the can be converted to an Aquaponic system with a bigger reservior. Inquire emails for custom systems to
NFT (nutrient film technology)  NFT uses a timer to deliver the water as needed in a steady stream. Many  of our NFT systems come with drains that are custom fit to allow for flood and drain. This is necessary for starting plants.
Deep Water Culture  Deep water culture is an easy form of hydroponics that works great for lettuce, basil, and other culinary herbs. All you need to do is top of your grow system with pre mixed nutrient water.
Maintaining Your Grow System  These pictures will give you some basics on how to maintain your grow system. If you see something else you would like addressed please feel free to contact us.
Alchemy Gardens  This is a collection of our customers hydroponic gardens. We appreciate any photos you can submit and would be glad to put them on our page.
Shipping Info  This is the Shipping Map. In order to ship your system you must look up your area and choose the correct option when shipping. If you have any questions please contact us.
Alchemy Fogponics  Fogponics combines air and water to create the perfect atmosphere for your clones or germinating seeds.
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